Lichens of norway spruce forest of Belarus: Experience of lichenoindication

Pavel Bely, Evgeny Sidorovich
The article gives the results of the ecological and geographical analysis of lichen flora of Belarusian norway spruce forests state and dynamics in the conditions of anthropogenic pollution. 110 species of the spruce forest lichens are described for the first time. The transformation features of the spruce forest lichen flora growing close to the large industrial center (city of Minsk) are given. 14 species of lichens are offered as indicators of anthropogenic transformation communities of spruce forests. The results of researches are used for the monitoring of rare and protected species of lichens on the territory of the Berezinsky biosphere sanctuary and the “Belovezhskaya puscha” national park.
Key words: lichen, lichenology, lichenoindication, environment, norway spruce phytocenosis, ecology, heavy metals.
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