Number 2(180) 2018

Irina Emelianovich
A scientist greatly involved with the success of her cause
The colleagues celebrate in honour of Emilia Kolomiets, Director of the Institute of Microbiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, corresponding member, who was the first to receive the title “Scientist of the year of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus”.

Zhanna Komarova
Fundamental science as a system basis of the innovation process
A specialist in the field of innovation development theory, scientific and innovation policy and economic foresight, the First Deputy Director of IMEMO of the RAS, Head of the Department of science and innovations, academician Natalia Ivanova talks about the new reality in the world, about the global economic processes, and how to correlate the interests of the state, science and business.

Tamara Mikheeva
Opportunities for the cultivated and plankton microscopic algae use
Based on the estimation of the quantitative growth of microscopic algae in natural aquatic ecosystems and the world experience in their laboratory cultivation in different media, the opportunities and prospects for their use in Belarus have been determined.

Mikalai Shalyha
Medical aspects of algology
The algae from algological collection of the Institute of Biophysics and Cell Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus have been presented, which can be used for medical purposes.

Mikalai Shalyha, Elena Manankina, Anatoli Ramashka, Uladzimir Yerashevich
Green fodder for poultry throughout the year
The authors show that the use of a chlorella suspension in poultry feeding rations increases the average daily growth of broiler chickens, the laying ability of hens, improves the eggs quality, increases the safety of chickens, reduces the need in additional vitamins, extends the economic use of laying hens.

Vitold Pestis, Tamara Kozlova, Aleksander Kozlov, Natallia Dzmitrovich
Using Algae in innovative resourcesaving technologies of aquaculture
The article considers the importance of the algae Chlorella vulgaris (Beijerinck) and Scenedesmus acutus (Meyen) suspension as a feed additive in various technologies of integrated and industrial aquaculture.

Tatsiana Tsetsiarynets
Problems and priorities of investment support for the innovative development of agrarian and industrial complex in Belarus
The article deals with the problems of investment support for the AIC of the Republic of Belarus, the main indicators and potential of the industry are considered, and the proposals are given on improving the investment management system.

Alexei Mozheiko
Investments as the basis for economic integration
The author considers the problems of declining investments in the Republic of Belarus, gives reasons for the cooperation with specialized international funds, shows the importance of integration and cooperation between the Eurasian Union and the Union state of Belarus and Russia member states through the joint companies established in the industrial sector.

Vasiliy Palitsyn
On the issue of the related notions of «knowledge», «information», «data»
The article analyses the notions and essence of information, knowledge and data. The author underlines the logic in much higher growing need for information by volume, structure and rate as compared to other human needs. The interaction of information and knowledge is shown and the process of obtaining new knowledge is disclosed.

Olga Zhibul
The complex entrepreneurial license (the franchising) agreement
The article considers some aspects of the complex entrepreneurial license (franchising) agreement and its law enforcement practice.

Anatoly Levko
Education models as ways of national and world culture reproduction in the market conditions
The author considers the issues of raising the level of self-consciousness, legal and moral culture of population, the spiritual, and educational principles of modern society, that faces the regular challenges and threats.

Zhanna Komarova
The academician with a poet’s soul
The guest of the journal, the academician Ivan SHEYKO is the First Deputy General Director for science of the Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus on animal husbandry, tells about his becoming a scientist-breeder and reflects on the problems facing the domestic livestock.

Alesya Kruchonok, Boris Anoshenko, Vladimir Titok
National Reserve gene pool of rare and endangered species of Belarusian flora
The article focuses on the role of botanic gardens in maintaining the regional biodiversity of plant resources. It gives the information on the unique living plants in the collection of rare and endangered species of natural flora in Belarus, which in 1999 was declared as a national treasure.

Katsiaryna Nilava
United database of agricultural products and raw materials radiation control
The article considers the United database created for storage, processing and presentation of information on the radiation control of agricultural products, raw materials and fodder in the Union state of Belarus and Russia. The structure of the United database provides for the use of GIS technologies for visualization and access to the results of the input radiation monitoring of the agricultural raw materials supplied to processing enterprises.

Irina Varonko
Modern view of the osteoarthritis treatment
The article deals with the problems of pathogenesis of osteoarthritis, the main mechanism of development of degenerative-dystrophic and inflammatory process from cartilage and synovial fluid. Along with the coverage of these problems, complex treatment of osteoarthritis (osteoarthritis) is offered with an emphasis on the effectiveness of intraarticular injection of hyaluronic acid preparations (hyaluronans) which allows to significantly improve the effectiveness of treatment of patients with osteoarthritis.

Olga Chikun
Guide on grants and scholarships
The author gives information on the major organizations for the international exchange of students and scientists support in the Republic of Belarus