Number 3(181) 2018

Irina Chikalova
They were the first: Belarusian women in higher education and science (late 19th – early 20th centuries)
The article considers the forgotten women’s names who are to be returned to the Belarusian culture, science and education. The author identifies the natives of the Belarusian-Lithuanian provinces who received higher education at the higher women’s courses in St. Petersburg and Moscow, and also studied at foreign universities.

Tatsiana Antonava
Women among the researchers in Belarus: Statistical data analysis for 2000–2016
On the basis of state statistical data, the dynamics of quantitative and quality composition of women-researchers in Belarus for 2000-2016 has been considered. Тhe comparative data on the women - researchers distribution in various sciences in 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2016 are given.

Alesia Salavei
Social and professional status of women – researchers of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
On the basis of statistical data, a conclusion on the ongoing Belarusian academic science feminization is made. The social and professional status of academic female researchers has been analyzed based on the sociological research results. The article considers the possible scientific career advancement, as well as the gender stereotypes influencing the scientific activities of women.

Zhanna Komarova, Irina Emelianovich
Women in science as a life-style
Women-scientists who have achieved a high position in science, reflect on how their success was formed, what are its components and whether the gender identity influenced their professional and personal growth.

Zhanna Komarova, Irina Emelianovich
Facets of scientific creativity
The authors introduce the most successful women-inventors, whose patents have been implemented in industry, medicine, agriculture and other branches of the economy.

Darya Pronko
The young and promising
It is an interview with the young researchers of the NAN of Belarus on their success and contribution to Belarusian science.

Alexander Allakhverdyan
Trends of the of Russian science feminization: Past and present
The article considers the women’s role in the Russian science and education since the formation of higher educational institutions in the 18th century up to present.

Tatsiana Tsetsiarynets
Problems and priorities of investment support for agro-industrial complex innovative development in Belarus
The article deals with current problems and priorities of investment support for agro-industrial complex innovative development in Belarus. The main indicators describing investment and innovation resources and potential of the industry are considered, as well as proposals for their improvement and management.

Alexander Kosenko
Trends and prospects of small innovative business development
The article analyses some aspects of effective state policy aimed at stimulating small innovative business. The current practice of technoparks establishing in the Republic of Belarus has been considered, and the priority measures on the systemic state support for the small innovative business development have been determined.

Maxim Tolkachev
The effective business processes mechanism for the small and medium size enterprises
The scientific and technological progress, information technologies, increasing demands of the state and customers have a great impact on small and medium size enterprises performance.

Artsiom Bareisha
Рrospects of knowledge economy development in the Republic of Belarus
The article reviews the state of knowledge economy in the Republic of Belarus through the analysis of main indicators of the intellectual capital development in the country.

Ivan Bordok, Natalia Okhlopkova
Collection of fungi strains
The article deals with the resource potential of the fungi strains collection of the Institute of Forest of the NAS of Belarus as the basis for biotechnologies of fruit bodies development. The gene pool of xylotrophyc basidium fungi for food and medicobiological purposes with high-quality sowing material is most fully represented in the depositary.

Alesya Kasyan
The best theses of the year
The review of the Belarusian Higher Attestation Commission contest laureates works for the best doctoral and candidate’s thesis for 2017 is presented. This collection has 4 doctoral dissertations, which became the winners.