Number 5(207) 2020

Zhanna Komarova
Creating the grounds for the future
In an interview with the Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences academician Vladimir GUSAKOV, the role of modern economic science, its ability to justify the ups and downs in the economy, the nature of economic crises, as well as the conceptual aspect of domestic research in economic science are discussed.

Natalya Minakova
How to preserve and increase the fertility?
How to preserve and increase natural agricultural resources with the help of fertilizers was the subject of the discussion which was held by the experts, scientists and production workers in the scientific lounge of the magazine.

Mikalai Tsybulka
Haven’t put anything in the ground, you won’t take anything from it
Different aspects of the soil fertility of agricultural lands state and increase in the Republic of Belarus are highlighted. The results of their cadastral assessment and agrochemical survey are presented. The dynamics of humus, macro- and microelements content is analysed.

Vitali Lapa
Complex mineral fertilizers
The data on the complex mineral fertilizers classification used in agricultural chemistry are presented, the research results on the new forms of complex mineral fertilizers developed in the republic, their adoption in industrial production and agricultural application are given.

Halina Pirahouskaya
Smart fertilizers
Information is provided on the development, application and effectiveness of environmentally friendly “smart fertilizers” of the new generation. The author shows their influence on the yield and quality of agricultural products obtained as a result of field and production experiments.

Taisia Seraya
Organic fertilizers
The author characterizes basic types of organic fertilizers, and their role for soil fertility and plant nutrition. The main ways for increasing the organic fertilizers efficiency are given.

Zinaida Aleschenkova
AgroMik is a complex fertilizer
The article considers the first developed in Belarus complex preparation based on nitrogen-fixing and phosphate-solubilizing rhizobacteria AgroMik. Its use stimulates growth, bushiness, development of the root system, the capacity of ornamental plants flowering, and increases the productivity of triticale.

Liudmila Ausyenka, Liubou Hamolka
Microfertilizers for macroeffect
The authors present the scientific research results on the development and implementation of new forms of concentrated fertilizers based on the chelating agent of lignosulfonates, the modified biopolymers, with their own biological, fungicidal and growth-regulating activity for foliar feeding of crops.

Igor Garanovich, Vladimir Titok, Svetlana Maksimova
Biohumus in nursery-garden
The authors give information on biohumus as an organic complex fertilizer of a wide action spectrum. Its positive effect on the seedlings of ornamental woody plants growth and development is shown.

Galina Goloventchik
Essence, classification and features of e-commerce development in modern society
The author analyses the current state of international e-commerce. The trends and prospects for the development of this market segment in 2019–2020 were identified, a variety of distribution channels were considered.

Iryna Yemelyanovich
Science of management
Head of the Organization and management department, Belarusian State Economic University, Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor Nikolay BELYATSKY speaks on the main provisions of the decision-making theory and their practical application.

Katsyaryna Aheeva
National costume: hidden senses and reflection of mentality
The author considers the authentic samples of national costume, which have survived to our time and shows the centuries-old traditions of the people. As evidenced by archival photos, the Belarusian women wore linen clothes even in the 1930s.

Ina Narkevich
Artistic chronicle of the Great Patriotic War
In the interview Ekaterina IZAFATOVA, the head of the of Contemporary Belarusian art department of the National Art Museum of Belarus, the art critic, Candidate of sciences, speaks about perpetuating the people’s feat with art culture, in which military history is shown in paintings, sculptures, architectural complexes, documents, where facts, personal experiences and memories of the authors draw a portrait of the participant of those heroic and tragic events.

Alexander Grusha
New stage of growth and first losses
The article considers the history of the Central Scientific Library of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus from 1929 to 1941. It was a period of rapid growth of its library stock, a wide network of branches active development, first losses during the period of political repression.

Olga Gorovykh, Konstantin Saevich, Baurzhan Alzhanov, Vitaly Tyshlek
Estimation of oil sorbent cost based on reed mace perianth hairs
The authors present the research results of the sorptive oil capacity of the natural material — reed mace perianth hairs upon absorption of oil from a water surface. The effectiveness of this natural material used as a sorbent in eliminating the emergency oil spillage is shown. The cost of this preparation is estimated as compared with sorbents based on other natural materials.