Number 6(184) 2018

Zhanna Komarova
On the way to digital health care
Head of the Laboratory for biomedical images analysis, Candidate of Technical Sciences Vasiliy Kovalev speaks on the opportunities of neuroscience, methods and software for processing, analyzing and recognizing medical images.

Alexander Sidorov
Simple nervous systems of model neurobiological objects as a basis for understanding the brain integrative activity
Article considers the brief history of cellular structure of brain nervous centres conceptions. Special emphasis is placed on the identified neurons of model invertebrates used in neurobiological researches. The cellular structure and the operation basis of respiratory central pattern generator within CNS of fresh-water pond snail Lymnaea stagnalis are deeply analysed.
The opportunities for the molluscs used in scientific research in the fields of neurophysiology, comparative physiology and ecology are shown.

Sviatlana Pashkevich, Yuri Shanko
Stem cells and brain’s neural networks
The article analyzes the problem of the brain neural networks restoring with the help of cellular technologies. The authors discuss the possibility of intranasal perineural transport of mesenchymal stem cells to the brain in traumas and strokes in clinical practice.

Victoria Dershen
Neuromarketing tools: Problems and prospects
The article considers the concept of neuromarketing and its interpretation. Аn overview of neuromarketing tools, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as the possible sphere of application is given. The key problems related to its use are also discussed.

Valery Baynev
National system of capital reproduction as a basis for innovative development of the country
The author reveals a close relation between the innovative development of the economy and the functioning of the capital reproduction system. It is shown that the problems of technical and technological modernization of the post-Soviet economies are conditioned mostly by the systemic disruptions in their physical and human capital reproduction.

Maria Ablameyko, Sergey Ablameyko
«Smart city»: From theory to practice
The article considers the problems of the “smart city” concept development and implementation, including those of the Republic of Belarus. The authors describe the different “smart city” variants in the world practice.

Yuliya Ilyina
Public procurement: Legal and strategic aspects
The legislation and the mechanism of the public procurement system are analyzed on the example of different countries of the world: the European Union, the Unified Energy System, the United States. The normative legal base of Belarus in this sphere is described in detail. Attention is focused on the procurement procedures for innovative, scientific, scientific and technical, experimental equipment.

Daria Pronko
Sphere of Belarusian-Chinese interests: Quantum dots
A young scientist, a graduate from the Department of micro- and nanoelectronics, BSUIR, Nikita MARUS tells about his foreign experience of studies and work, and scientific research.

Anatoly Zlotnikov
Irrational rationality of Richard Thaler’s new behavioral economy
The article considers the features and trends in modern science that affect the choice of Nobel winners in economics. The Nobel laureate in economics of 2017 Richard Thaler’s contribution to the science is highlighted.

Vasily Palitsyn
How to organize the effective joint work of business and IT
The article discusses the problems of joint work of business and IT units. The necessary conditions for integrating IT with business in small and large organizations are given.

Katsiaryna Tauhen
Foreign trade cooperation of the Republic of Belarus and Persian Gulf countries
The article considers the opportunities of foreign trade development between the Republic of Belarus and member states of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC), in particular Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Iryna Yemelyanovich
Andrey Maysyayonak: The inexhaustible cause of my life
This is the information on the carrier and life of the famous scholar, biochemist Andrey Maysyayonak.

Aliaksandr Areshankou
Global population aging and the new technological revolution
The article considers some aspects of the population aging process, describes its significant outcomes for society. It is concluded that the upcoming technological revolution will be associated primarily with breakthroughs in medicine and related technologies.

Alexander Beletsky, Andrej Mazurenko, Vladlen Pustovoytenko, Irina Somova, Sergej Makarevich
Migration of titanium mesh cylindrical cage after interbody anterior spondylodesis by treatment of fractures of lumbar vertebrae
The destiny migration (introduction) of titanium mesh cage by operations after anterior spondуlodesis by fractures of lumbar vertebrae has been studied in early and late postoperation periods. The X-ray metric assessment of the results of spondуlodeses was carried out using a new index – the coefficient of implant introduction. An improved implant has been presented as the author’s development.

Volha Haliyeuskaya, Natallia Chechyk, Sergei Likhachev, Yuliya Rushkevich
Respiratory failure in patients with myasthenia gravis
The article considers the clinical features, pathogenesis, forms and complications of myasthenia gravis. The attention is focused on respiratory failure, including those while asleep. The necessity of further studying of this pathology to optimize the diagnostics and treatment algorithm is underlined.

Tatiana Petrenko, Siarhei Zyblev, Zalimkhan Dundarov, Svetlana Zybleva, Aliaksandr Velichko
Method for determining the balance of the pro- and antioxidant system in patients after kidney transplantation
The authors studied the redox system balance through the method of luminoldependent chemiluminescence of blood plasma of patients before and after kidney transplantation. It is shown that monitoring the patients’ condition after kidney transplantation will allow to have more accurate diagnosis and correct the revealed disorders.

Valiantsina Karelina
Funds and grants to help the researchers
The information on the grant support of the R&D in the Republic of Belarus is given.