Number 6(196) 2019

Vadim Demidchik, Maria Chernysh, Tatiana Ditchenko, Elena Spiridovich, Daria Przhevalskaya, Vladimir Padutov
Microclonal propagation of plants
The article summarizes the scientific principles, achievements and factors limiting the use of microclonal propagation of plants.

Uladzimir Antsipovich
The national potato collection depositing
The article considers the classical depositing methods of the national basic collection of potato varieties in vitro culture. There are given advantages of the new selection scheme, as well as the preparatory work for the transfer into tissue culture and methods of the basic collection depositing are described.

Natallia Kukharchyk
Fruit and soft fruit plants propagation in vitro
The author gives the research results of the Biotechnology department, Institute for Fruit Growing, on fruit and berry crops in vitro propagation. There are described the main stages of the fruit and berry crops, grapes, and hops planting material varieties adapted for cultivation in Belarus.

Uladzimir Padutau
Forest biotechnology
The article considers the main stages of biotechnological works in forestry. The author makes a comparison with agricultural biotechnology, shows their common and distinguishing features, outlines the goals of forest biotechnology.

Vladimir Titok, Vladimir Reshetnikov, Aleksander Veevnik
Biotechnological complex for accelerated reproduction of valuable plant species
The article considers the advantages of in vitro clonal micropropagation of plants for mass reproduction of valuable fruit and ornamental plants on the example of the biotechnological complex of the Central Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Alena Spirydovich, Natalia Brel, Andrei Zubarev, Lyudmila Goncharova, Vladimir Reshetnikov
Lilac tube
To preserve the existing unique gene pool of varietal and species lilacs, in the Central Botanical Garden, NAS of Belarus, was created in vitro collection of the Syringa genus, which is constantly replenished with valuable and new plant genotypes. There was developed a technology for producing in vitro tissue culture, lilac microclones, their rooting and ex vitro adaptation to organo-mineral bio substrates.

Nina Bogdan, Alexander Vanislavsky
Benchmarking as a tool for positioning the Republic of Belarus in the European Innovation Scoreboard
The authors analyzed the positioning of the Republic of Belarus in the European Innovation Scoreboard using a benchmarking tool. The calculations, based on official data and tabulated, allow for objective conclusions about the innovative development of the country and its place in the world innovation ranking.

Yulia Ilyina
Public procurement planning in Belarus and the USA
The article deals with the public procurement dynamics at the planning stage in the Republic of Belarus. The features of the US practice and legislation of the United States in this area are given as a positive example that can be used in domestic practice.

Nikolay Grinchik, Iosif Gurevich, Victor Ermolenkov
Grain conservation as a strategic government task
The article considers the problems of grain conservation, including post-harvest processing and storage. Problems are shown and proposals enabling to solve them have been formulated.

Iryna Yemelyanovich
Digitalization of higher education
In his interview, the Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus Igor Karpenko speaks about the modern higher education system development, and the introduction of information technologies in the study process.

Svetlana Kroytor
Digitalization of the economy as a factor of the labor markets transformation
The article analyzes the impact of digital transformation on the modern labor market, discusses potential growth points of modern economies due to the expansion of digitalization, identifies probable problems that this process entails for individuals and societies.

Sergey Mikhnevich
Trends in global trade in the context of digital globalization
The article deals with topical issues of the world trade development in recent years, identifies the trends in the context of digital globalization, shows the regional distribution of commodity flows and their structure. Particular attention is paid to the world trade in services, and the impact of information technology on these processes.

Gordey Gusakov
Agriculture: Past, present, future
The article analyzes the contradictory views of modern society on the agricultural and agro-industrial production methods, defines the general trends in the development of the agricultural sector.

Halina Dzerbina, Syarhey Vityaz
The cultural heritage of Belarus: International and legal context of globalization
The article underlines the need for international and national legislation on culture development to preserve the cultural heritage which should be based on the rule of law principle as a universal value.

Tatsiana Kuharonak
Midsummer traditions of Belarusians
The article describes the regional features of the main summer festivities of Belarusians.