Number 7(197) 2019

Irina Emelyanovich
Technological alliance is to be actualized
The Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology Alexander Shumilin in an interview discusses the problems of the Belarusian-Chinese cooperation development and its prospects.

Zhanna Komarova
Scientific and technological partnership of two academies
In the interview, the Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, academician Vladimir Gusakov talks about the scientific cooperation between two academies - the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Dmitry Primschitz
Analytical avant-garde of the Belarusian-Chinese scientific and humanitarian cooperation
The article describes the background, main results and promising research areas of the Belarusian-Chinese Analytical Center for Development at the Institute of Economics of NAS of Belarus as a pilot project of scientific and analytical cooperation between the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Anatoly Lazarevich
"Belt and road": Philosophical measurement
The article considers the humanitarian component in the modern international relations. The promising areas of Belarusian-Chinese cooperation in the sphere of philosophical studies were analyzed with emphasis put on the social-humanitarian and cultural values, as well as the results of the joint projects and international scientific conferences.

Darya Pronko
Always at high level
The representatives of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus scientific organizations talk about the most significant projects realized in the framework of the Belarusian-Chinese cooperation.

Irina Emelyanovich
Education and communication without borders
The General Director of the BNTU Scientific and Technological Park “Polytechnic” Yury Alekseev brings forward the successful Belarusian-Chinese cooperation in the educational sphere.

Wang Lijun, Marina Tsives
Confucius Institute for Science and Technology of the Belarusian National Technical University as an educational project of the Belarusian-Chinese scientific and technological cooperation
The article considers the work of the Confucius Institute for Science and Technology of the Belarusian National Technical University which is of particular importance in supporting the cooperation between Belarusian and Chinese organizations in the sphere of education, science and technology.

Daria Zubko
The Belarusians in China
The article considers the background and features of the Belarusian ethnic group in China formation and the prospects for its further development.

Vasiliy Bakunchik
The impact of globalization on the economic growth sources and cycling transformation
The article presents the author's view on the causes of the Kondratieff waves, analyzes the rates of capital accumulation in developed and developing countries as compared to industrial revolutions, price dynamics, economic growth rates and crises.

Aliaksandr Chirkin, Alena Danchanka, Alexander Marchenko
Metabolic syndrome as a criterion of the nation’s health assessing
The authors present the simple, mathematically grounded and tested in practice algorithm for detecting metabolic syndrome that can be used to assess the state of health of the population as a whole and its specific categories and to identify the risk groups. It is rather informative as it shows the effect of different chronic stresses on the development of MS.

Valery Bainev
Electronic (digital) economy as a technical-technological and political-economic phenomenon
The article considers the features of the economy and society digital transformation, shows the need for the industrial complex in Belarus and the EAEU countries accelerated development.

Svetlana Kroytor
Digitalization of the economy as a factor in the labor market transformation
The author justifies the need to revise the basic principles of state policy in the sphere of labor and employment.

Tatiana Kapitonova
The role of network structures in contemporary scientific knowledge
The article discusses the key transformations in the production of scientific knowledge associated with the spread of network structures.

Katsiaryna Tauhen
The entry of Belarusian exporters to the markets of Afghanistan and Pakistan
The article analyzes the prospects of foreign trade development between the Republic of Belarus and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Kseniіa Kovtunenko
Development of the high school personnel potential
The article considers the current problems of the human resource potential of higher educational institutions development, related primarily to the mega-informatization of society and globalization processes in all spheres of economic activity.

Katsiaryna Ageeva
Ancient treasure chest. The latest time
The article considers the history, current state, problems and prospects of Belarusian marshes.

Tamara Chernysheva
Internet resource guide
The author continues to review the most popular scientific networks that allow the scientific community to keep abreast of the latest publications, to establish contacts with each other, to conduct joint research.