Number 8(186) 2018

Emmanuil Ioffe
From the Institute of Belarusian Culture to National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
On the eve of the 90th anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the author considers the history of the Belarusian science in the first half of the 20th century and the chronology of the Inbelcult reorganized to the Belarusian Academy of Sciences.

Vladimir Gusakov
On the issues of the Belarusian science development
The article underlines the importance of smart economy and, thus, the development of effective mechanisms that should create favorable conditions for the national science sustainable development.

Grigoriy Vereshchagin
Astrophysics and its opportunities for development in Belarus
The author considers the transformations in astrophysics and opportunities for scholars to study the Universe, and in particular, the participation of Belarus in the world scientific progress.

Yury Vybly, Ivan Siutsou
Cosmology and astrophysics today: Dark energy and dark matter
The article gives a brief review of the current state of the cosmology and astrophysics, considers the nature of dark energy and dark matter.

Sergey Cherkas, Vladimir Kalashnikov
Spatial structure of matter
The article deals with two important problems of the modern physics fundamentals: they are dark matter and dark energy. According to the authors, their possible solution may be related to the quantum fluctuations of the vacuum, the spectrum of the anisotropy of microwave radiation and the structuring of matter in the Universe.

Ivan Siutsou, Grigoriy Vereshchagin
Gamma-ray bursts are the most luminous and mysterious objects in the Universe
The authors describe in a popular form the unusual properties of gamma-ray bursts and the regularities laid down for them.

Aliaksandr Korshunau
Innovative politics and business opportunities
The author considers the problem of the delayed effect, which is caused by the fact that many industrial enterprises are poorly involved in the innovative search. To solve this problem he proposed to adapt the best world practice on the basis of publicprivate partnership.

Hossam Elkaib, Viktor Leontiev
A new field of medicinal plants flavonoids application
The presented study has been performed to identify flavonoids from the medicinal plants extracts and their antimicrobial activity against bacteria from the genus Pseudomonas determined food spoilage.

Rauf Dzhabiev
Export potential of Azerbaijan’s economy
The article considers the export potential of the non-oil sectors of the Azerbaijan’s economy creation and development, including the science-intensive ones. The author analyses the industrial structure by branches and gives suggestions for increasing the efficiency of production.

Iryna Yemelyanovich
The mechanism of commercialization is being improved
Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Shumilin talks about the procedure for commercializing the results of the researches financed from the public funds.

Vladimir Gorovoy
Improvement of financial and accounting services for the paid information services
The article proposes the methods for the information resources effectiveness assessing at all levels of economic management according to the criterion of the labor productivity priority growth rates.

Ekaterina Popova
Cross-marketing in the development of information wellness start-ups
Information PJ start-ups are the example of the fastest growing and popular start-ups category in the world. The competition among information-based wellness projects is high and thus requires the modern promotion methods to be used.

Zhanna Komarova
The profession of serving the people
The talented scientist and surgeon Arnold Smeyanovich tells about his life and creative development, about his students and prospects of neurosurgery.

Tamara Chernyshova
A guide to Internet resources
The most popular scientific social networks for communication, search for grants, conferences, programs and projects are presented.