Number 10(200) 2019

Aliaksei Meliashchenia, Tatsiana Shakel
Belarusian dairy industry in the global market
The authors systematized the factors of the dairy production efficiency, suggested possible areas for increasing their effectiveness.

Natallia Furyk, Natallia Zhabanos, Aksana Halavach
Starters based on thermophilic microorganisms
The authors give data on changes in the active acidity of milk raw product using frozen concentrated starter culture of polyspecific thermophilic microorganisms for yogurt and cheeses of the suluguni type. The active acidity of fermented milk raw product in industrial conditions have been analyzed.

Natallia Zhabanos, Aliaksei Meliashchenia, Maryia Babitskaya, Natallia Furyk, Aksana Halavach
Isomalt as a prebiotic in fermented milk bioproducts «SENSE»
The article presents data on the possible use of isomalt as a prebiotic, gives the characteristics of the organoleptic properties of a biological product developed on the basis of a complex of microorganisms, including probiotics.

Liudmila Sakalouskaya
Condensed dairy products with lower content of disaccharides
The article provides a comparative analysis of the nutritional and biological values of condensed milk made with traditional technology and new dairy products based on whey with preliminarily hydrolyzed lactose which reduces the content of sucrose to 17,0–26,0% and lactose to 0,96–5,20%.

Maryna Shlemen, Elena Efimova, Tamara Savelyeva
Sheep milk raw materials for industrial use
The article considers the technological parameters of in-process sheep milk raw materials (separation, homogenization and pasteurization) for the dairy production. The rational parameters of the sheep raw milk processing have been given, ensuring the safety of its technological properties.

Egor Gusakov
Methodological approaches to the AIC formation and development as a megacluster
A methodological algorithm for the agro-industrial cluster policy has been formulated and its megacluster model developed. It includes five fundamental stages: preliminary, formation, operation, final, perspective.

Irina Mikhailova-Stanyuta
The «middle class» of society as the platform for economic restructuring
The author considers the change in economic structures of different countries and their management through the high-activity middle class. Particular attention is paid to their role in the development of new structural economic spheres, including above all the IT.

Vitali Tyshlek
Features of the technology parks development in the Republic of Belarus and around the world
The author analyses the stages of the technoparks evolution and their influence on the innovation infrastructure and the global economy. The priority directions of the national policy of the Republic of Belarus in the field of small and medium-sized enterprises and the activities of technology parks are considered.

Irina Malgina
Industrial digitalization: European experience and basic provisions for Belarus
The article discusses the main present-day European trends in the industrial digitalization. The author considers the experience of Sweden, Italy and Germany, gives suggestions for the modernization of the Belarus’ industrial policy in the framework of Industry 4.0.

Tatsiana Kuprevich
Economic effects and the digital transformation problems of international freight
The article considers the features of the modern digital economy, describes the enterprises evolution stages on the way to digital ecosystem. The author systematizes the effects and problems of digital technologies in the transport and logistics industry.

Tatiana Vlasova, Viktor Tsvetkov, Viktoriya Tsvetkova
Personnel development and management in high-tech enterprises
The article considers the basics of managing a workforce in enterprises specializing in the production of high technology products. The accent is made on the human factor because the key role in the strategic planning and optimal problem solution belongs to the competent and highly qualified specialists.

Irina Chervinskaya
Belarusian exporters entering the markets of the South African countries
The author considers the possible expanding of cooperation and trade relations of the Republic of Belarus and South Africa on the example of Botswana, Zambia, Madagascar and Malawi.

Volha Liauko
Ten years of journey into the millennia (2010–2019)
The article gives the work results of the Center of Archeology and Ancient History of Belarus as a structural unit of the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in the context of its 90th anniversary.

Boris Lazuko
Museum of Ancient Belarusian Culture updates the exposition
The article considers new approaches in the demonstration and use of museum collections.

Michail Motyl, Stanislau Bakei
The risk of total invasion of Reynоutria japonica in the new climate of Belarus
The authors analyze the present invasive situation in the regions of Belarus and prove the fact of the local invasions of reynoutria japonica increase.

Katsaryna Aheeva
The main guarantor of food security. Test of the market and the global fashion
The article considers the history of the potato and its selection in Belarus, as well as its role in the local cooking traditions.

Liudmila Mazheika
Uterine fibroids: classification, diagnostics, modern methods of treatment
Presented are modern characteristics, classifications (according to ICD-10 and FIGO 2009), clinical manifestations, diagnostic methods, as well as methods of conservative and surgical treatment (according to indications) of one of the most common gynecological diseases – uterine fibroids.