Number 11(213) 2020

Sergey Kharitonchik
BNTU: Being in the top means working ahead of the curve
Rector of the Belarusian National Technical University Sergey Kharitonchik speaks on the university specialties rebranding and how proactive work helps to meet the challenges of the time.

Vitaly Vovk, Pavel Mariev, Timofey Petsold [et. ai.]
A breeding ground for talented staff
Here are memories of outstanding BNTU graduates about the study at the university and its role in the specialist training and personality formation.

Yuri Nikolaychik
The digitalization policy
Vice-Rector for academic affairs of the Belarusian National Technical University, Candidate of Technical Sciences Yuri Nikolaychik talks on the innovative forms of teaching and educational products of the university.

Natalia Minakova
Supporting talented youth is our mission
The largest Belarusian university technopark "Polytechnic" at the BNTU presents a number of innovative projects implemented as a result of scientific and technical activities of the university and received a full range of services for "growing" business.

Ina Yuryk
Scientific library of BNTU: Its history and present times
The article considers the activities of the scientific library of the Belarusian National Technical University related to information support of educational, research, innovation and educational processes.

Alexander Kosenkov
Digitalization from the perspective of philosophical research: New threats and ways to overcome them
The article identifies a complex of anthropological, social and environmental problems caused by the intensive introduction of digital technologies. Solutions have been proposed, which will in the long run help minimize and (or) overcome the negative effects of digitalization.

Dmitry Serebryakov
Premises and opportunities for social innovations in the context of digital transformation
The article considers the premises and opportunities for innovative clustering in the social sector of the Republic of Belarus. The calculating algorithm for the social and economic efficiency of the social innovation commercialization in technology parks, technology transfer centers, and a venture company has been proposed.

Ju Ying
International transport corridors between the EAEU and China: Formation, development and challenge
The author analyzes the processes of the international transport corridors formation between the EAEU member states and the PRC, competitive advantages and problems of railway transportation under The Belt and Road Initiative.

Katsiaryna Tauhen
Entry of Belarusian exporters to the markets of Benin and Burkina Faso
The article analyzes the opportunities for the foreign trade development between the Republic of Belarus and the Benin and Burkina Faso, considers the commodity structure of domestic exports to these markets.

Alexander Ilyushchenko, Vladimir Ovchinnikov
Innovative projects in the foundry of non-ferrous metals and alloys
The authors give the advantages of using magnesium alloys for various purposes in the aerospace industry, automobile production, and medicine. The role of investments in stimulating the foundry development in Belarus is shown.

Olga Gorovykh, Maria Kanina
Decontamination of mercury-containing waste using ozone
A cold technology for treating battle fluorescent lamps using ozone has been proposed, which will ensure the control of mercury-containing waste in accordance with the Minamata Convention.

Olga Timofeeva, Lyudmila Belysheva, Irina Avsyankina, Olga Likhoshva
Fatty acid content in fish gastronomy
The article considers the data on the content of saturated, monounsaturated and ?-3 and ?-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids and their ratio in fish gastronomy in the Minsk distribution network which were obtained based on the analysis of the fatty acid composition.

Ekaterina Bespalova, Inna Miklukh
Amino acid composition of functional dairy products
A new method for the dietetic dairy production by complex processing of raw materials using membrane technologies for separation into fractions is proposed.